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Andrew’s Hamburgers

Andrew’s Hamburgers

If you're hankering after a burger in Melbourne, there's one name that should immediately spring to mind, Andrew's Hamburgers. If you haven't heard of it them, don't fret, we'll spill the beans. But if you're already an expert on everything this fine burger joint has to offer, stop reading and get ordering – your next burger is just moments away.

Top quality and a tantalising range

Of course there's loads of burger joints out there, but not all can boast the quality of this restaurant. They cater for such a wide and discerning group of diners – everyone can get in on the burger fun here. Alongside the various patties you'll find stacked high with interesting and delicious toppings, from pineapple and beetroot to jalapenos, there are three kinds of veggie options, along with souvlaki and dim sim.

A family business that goes way back

Quality is the name of the game here, and this shouldn't come as much of a surprise once you learn that it was founded way back in 1939. It just goes to show that experience counts for a lot in the foodie world. Andrew Georghiou is the man behind the name here, and his relatives are still running it today. These days it's nephew Greg Pappas behind the grill as they go from strength to strength, now serving up their goodies from two locations.

I'll have the lot

So what do you go for when there's this much wonderful stuff on the menu?  Well a very popular choice is Andrews Burger with the Lot, and the clue's in the name with the one. The dish starts with the burger itself, which is either beef, chicken or even steak if you're feeling indulgent, cooked perfectly on the grill. From there, in comes the crisp lettuce, caramelised onions for that sweet touch, egg, bacon, tomato, double cheese and of course, tomato sauce for a classic finish.

The Rusty American is another winner. Again it starts with your choice of meat, and this one comes as a vegetarian option too. You'll find crisp lettuce, onions and double cheese. This time though, the bun is sweet and the tomato sauce is accompanied by mayo and American mustard. For the final flourish juicy hand-cut pickles are added into the mix.

And then think about sides. Chips are obviously a classic, but the dim sim might just tempt you too. And then for the ultimate refreshment, a nice iced tea or ginger beer goes down an absolute treat.

So now you've read all about Andrew's Hamburgers there's only one thing left to do… check out their menu here on Deliveroo.

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