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Beyond India

Taste the incredible culinary magic of India. Beyond India brings you the bright flavours, colours and aromas of authentic Indian cuisine with their irresistible menu. With dishes inspired by the best regional creations they deliver a quintessential taste of India, perfect for spicing up meal times with some magical combinations.

Spice specialists

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From crispy Onion Bhajis and Mixed Tandoori starters to aromatic daals, chutneys and a selection of spicy curries, Beyond India's menu has a huge range of irresistible Indian delicacies. We can't stop dreaming about their Butter Chicken – tender chicken fillets smoked and expertly marinated in spices before being folded through a rich creamy roast tomato and capsicum sauce.

Another favourite is the Lamb Biryani. Chunks of tender lamb take the starring role in a spiced rice dish that's packed with a balanced blend of cumin, clove and black cardamom served with a cooling cucumber raita. And the vegetarian Saag Paneer combines fresh paneer cubes with a pureed spinach, mustard seed and cumin sauce.

Locally inspired classics

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Opening their doors in Adelaide in 1999, the owners are committed to sharing the techniques and spices from the Indian sub-continent in every single recipe. They've brought in the finest and most experienced chefs to make sure every dish in your Indian feast is authentic.  

They use less oil during cooking for lighter healthier dishes that suit modern trends but don't compromise on flavour. Whether it's the fiery red hues of northern tandoori cooking or the exotic spicy curries of the south, you'll find a fiery bite to satisfy your Indian cravings.

A dazzling Indian exploration

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The Barrah Kebab is a Beyond India specialty. Five skewers of succulent lamb cutlets are seasoned with garam masala, coriander ginger and yoghurt, and then tandoor roasted. For a south Indian dish, try the Chicken Tikka Dosai, a light rice and lentil flour crepe filled with juicy slices of chicken tikka and spicy potato served with a sambar soup, fresh tomato and a creamy coconut chutney for an eclectic dish that tantalises every taste bud.

Anyone with sweet tooth will love the classic Indian desserts here too. Along with both traditional Indian ice creams, try their Gulab Jamun. Two creamed milk dumplings are deep-fried until crisp, then covered with a sweet rose-scented cardamom syrup for a happy ending to your meal.

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