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Deliveroo Editions nears full capacity

Be a part of our super-kitchens! 

At Deliveroo, we are passionate about choice. Deliveroo Editions super-kitchens bring new cuisines and restaurants to our amazing customers.

The super-kitchens allow a restaurant to be creative with their menus and offer a wider range of cuisines to their customers. It also enables a restaurant to deliver to a different suburb or city and reach a new customer base.

Earlier this month, Editions partnered with China Bar to create DOOMplings, in celebration of the DOOM series' 25th anniversary. You can check out these special steamed dumplings here.

The kitchens are purpose-built and delivery only, and are designed to house the cooking and delivery of specific cuisine types. Deliveroo partnered with chefs when designing the kitchens to ensure they were as operationally efficient as possible. As our country manager, Levi Aron, says, "We are redefining the food landscape yet again, with a larger site to accommodate more restaurants and offering more customers an even greater range of cuisines to choose from."

Our site in Collingwood is expected to be at full capacity by the end of June, with eight exciting occupants, from Nationwide QSRs to local independent chains to street food traders!

The Editions team are always looking for new restaurants from across Australia to bring on board, and are currently focussed on finding Greek, Turkish, Lebanese or Korean restaurants to partner with!

If you would like to find out more about the opportunities that Deliveroo Editions can provide your restaurant, please contact your Account Manager.

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