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Introducing the newly designed Deliveroo app

How your restaurant appears on the platform to potential customers is one of the most effective marketing tools to drive orders. With over 80,000 restaurant menus now available on Deliveroo, we want to make sure customers can easily navigate the platform and find the food they are looking for.

We have now made it easier than ever for customers to find your restaurant by redesigning the app, providing them with a richer food delivery experience. Our newly designed app also ensures that your restaurant has new ways to reach your optimum customer through improved positioning in app, helping you grow your delivery business.

The key updates in our newly designed app include improved filtering options so customers can easily find your restaurant and more carousels so your restaurant can have more visibility.

Improved filtering

Our new filtering function displays more filtering options to customers. The new filters include:

  • Dietary: Allowing customers with dietary requirements to filter by Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten free, Halal and Kosher.
  • Offers: Giving customers the option to filter by specific offers, including Meal deals, Tasty Discounts, and Free delivery
  • Categories: Allowing customers to filter specific menu categories and cuisine types.

More carousels

The redesigned app features a new carousel layout to improve customer experience and give you more space to market yourself in app. Each carousel will feature 10 restaurants, with an arrow that leads to more restaurants which fall into the category.

The new app layout will have upto six new carousels:

  • Order again: Restaurants that a customer has recently ordered from
  • Top rated: The top rated restaurants in the area
  • Fastest delivery: Restaurants with the fastest delivery time
  • Tasty discounts: Restaurants that currently have Marketer offers on

If you have any questions on our newly designed app, please feel free to get in touch with your Account Manager.

Deliveroo application

Download the App on iPhone or Android.

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