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  2. Deliveroo launches Perks, a partnership platform for restaurants
Deliveroo launches Perks, a partnership platform for restaurants

Deliveroo launches Perks, a partnership platform for restaurants

As your partner, we are here to support you - in more ways than just connecting you with more customers. One of the ways we do this is through Deliveroo Restaurant Partnerships: hand-picked business services that we know will grow and benefit your restaurant, at best-in-market prices.

Our partnerships team is dedicated to understand how we can add value to your business, research solutions that are relevant to the industry trends and tailor them to your needs.  You can browse all available perks and sign up to the ones you're interested in here.

Here's how we developed our staff recruitment partnership with Sidekicker...

The Challenge?

From talking to you, our restaurants, it is clear that recruitment process and finding the right talent are an issue, especially with seasonality, developing good talent and more. Without good talent, your operation cannot run, and if by chance you are let down at the last minute having a solid backup is crucial to running your business smoothly.

The Solution?

We've partnered with Sidekicker, an on-demand staffing platform, where you can find temporary talent instantly. If you're short staffed, all you need to do is jump onto Sidekicker's online platform, request staff at your desired rate and go over reviews of each candidate, as you would at a job interview. All staff are vetted by a team of experts and the skills are tested with the right qualifications and certifications to work in the kitchens and behind bars. And they've built the awards engine into the platform so you don't need to worry about doing any of that pesky payroll or compliance admin. All in one. The best bit? Teaming up with Sidekicker allows us to pass on unlimited service-free jobs for 6 weeks, and up to 20% off thereafter. Plus you're getting access to the highest quality pool of curated hospitality staff in Australia. Sidekicker have thousands of hospitality and events staff eager to work for you.

Interested to find out what other partnerships and perks we've curated just for you? Simply head over to this link or get in touch with your account manager today and let our team of experts advise you on how to make the most out of our perks platform!

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