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The Best Adelaide CBD Restaurants

Adelaide CBD restaurants: 5 of the best

Adelaide's food scene is well and truly on the rise again after a slight dip since its days of leading the country's culinary trends in the late 90s and early 00s. Back on point and sporting some of the finest examples of local and international cuisines to be found anywhere in Australia, people are drawn to the heart of Adelaide to enjoy superb dining experiences.


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Where: Zambrero

What they do: Healthy, modern Mexican cuisine including burritos, tacos, nachos and quesadillas. Easy customisation for veggies, vegan, gluten and/or dairy-free.

Why you need to try them: It's not often that you would choose a burrito as a healthy option for lunch, but at Zambrero you can satisfy your craving for salsa, guac, rice, beans and meat without going too crazy with the calories. Why? Because Zambrero is a restaurant with a mission to remain as sustainable and ethical as possible - from the sourcing of its superfoods to the packaging itself - great care has been taken to do things right in every sense of the word.

For a side helping of the feel-good factor, Zambrero's 'Plate 4 Plate' initiative means that every burrito sold is matched with the donation of a full meal to someone in need in the developing world. So, you can pretty much help tackle world hunger while satisfying your own – not a bad deal, right?

Antica Pizzeria E Cucina

Where: Antica Pizzeria E Cucina CBD

What they do: Antipasti, classic pizza, pizza pockets and dessert pizza.

Why you need to try them: If you're looking for a pizzeria that gets all of the fundamentals absolutely right, then Antica have you covered. Authentic Italian atmosphere and culinary inspiration: check! Signature wood oven pizzas: check! Simple, beautiful pasta and antipasti: check!

Not only does Antica nail the usual crowd pleasers, but it also has a few show-stoppers of its own design. Never tried a dessert pizza, complete with mascarpone cream and mixed berries and generously coated in Nutella? If so, then you need to rectify that oversight immediately.


Where: Jasmin

What they do: World-class Indian curries.

Why you need to try them: When you're getting glowing reviews and compliments from the likes of world-renowned chef Marco Pierre-White, then you're clearly doing something right. Run for over 40 years by 86-year-old Mrs Anant Singh, the Jasmin Indian restaurant maintains its rightful reputation for making incredible curries complete with hand-ground spices for maximum freshness.

Tiffany Thai

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Where: Tiffani Thai

What they do: Full range of Thai classics from curries to wok-fried and grilled seafood mains.

Why you need to try them: Thai food has long enjoyed sweeping popularity across Australia thanks to its delightful variety of fragrant and zesty dishes that excite but don't overwhelm people's palettes. Tiffani Thai takes the best of Thailand's best-loved culinary exports and serves them up with style and a price point that's damn hard to argue with.

From satay and spring rolls to char-grilled Pandan Chicken and classic red or green Thai curries, there is something to suit everyone's tastes. For seafood fans, the gorgeous flavour combinations of the sweet and sour barramundi or spicy chilli prawns are an absolute must-try. Don't forget to leave room for sticky rice with fresh mango slices - the perfect end to any Thai meal.

Lord of the Fries

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Where: Lord of the Fries

What they do: Fully vegan and vegetarian burgers and hot dogs with perfect French fries.

Why you need to try them: With their ethical twist on fast food, owners Mark and Mandy opened this wholly vegan and veggie-friendly venue in March 2017 in order to serve up burgers that would satisfy those powerful cravings for fried food without putting a giant food baby in your belly. Enjoy lighter burgers and hot dogs which are bursting with flavour alongside your choice of four types of deliciously golden fries, made only with the freshest of Australia's home-grown potatoes.

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