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Hanoi Hannah

Food is just one of the things that people love about Vietnam – but it sure is an important one. The love grows even fonder when you realise you've got all these flavours right here in Australia – all you need to do is venture to Hanoi Hannah. This popular hawker restaurant delivers the best of traditional Vietnamese cuisine with a healthy dose of modern inspiration added to the mix. So, we take a peek at the menu to find out why it's everyone's new favourite Vietnamese spot.

Hannah's hawker feast

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Hanoi Hannah is all about no-nonsense eating – it's Vietnamese street food at its best. Dig into anything from traditional banh mi with a modern twist, to healthy superfood bowls and warming pho soups. As if this wasn't enough, a great deal of the menu is available gluten-free – so happy faces all around.

For quick bites you're also in luck. Hanoi Hannah's healthy rolls are perfect for snacking on, filled with everything from yellowfin tuna to tofu and shiitake. Alternatively, you can go for their chicken ribs served with a spicy chilli sauce, served as part of their 'crispy' section.

The voice of Vietnam

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The name Hanoi Hannah tells quite the interesting story. Known for her anti-war broadcasts during the Vietnam War, Hanoi Hannah was one of the country's most well-known radio personalities. Named 'the voice of Vietnam', it seems fitting that the restaurant should take on this name too. And if you're looking for the voice of Vietnam in local foodie scene, Hanoi Hannah is where you'll find it.

Salad, sandwich or soup?

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When you're feeling a little below par, there's just nothing like the warm fuzzy feeling you get from a good bowl of pho. The Mixed Mushroom Pho at Hanoi Hannah is a rich broth with different kinds of mushroom, from earthy chestnut to firm and beautiful enoki. Fresh spring onion, fennel shavings and chilli is piled on top for added zing – who needs meat when vegetables taste this good?

Banh mi is the Vietnamese answer to the sandwich – and at Hanoi Hannah they are impressive. A huge slice of succulent pork belly and crispy crackling is wedged between the baguette-style bread, with fresh chilli and Thai basil mayo adding an extra layer of flavour.

A complete dining experience does not only mean a treat for the taste buds, but also a feast for the eyes. The Rare Beed Salad with Sesame Crackers does the job – the subtle combination of the crunchy shells and the softness of the tender beef is palpable, and the shredded onion and carrot gives it extra spots of colour. But whatever you choose from this menu, it's bound to look – and taste – gorgeous.

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