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Building you customer base through virtual brands

Building your customer base through Virtual Brands

A virtual brand allows you to use your existing kitchen and resources to offer a second delivery-only concept and menu to generate additional volume and revenue. Whatever you are currently serving on your in-house menu, there are countless options for healthy concepts that can be developed from the same kitchen. Here are four ideas of how virtual brands can appeal to the increasing number of health-conscious customers in 2019.

Grain bowls

A favourite of the gym junkie and office worker alike, these bowls of goodness are going nowhere this year. Think salad, but instead of lettuce these bowls see your greens swapped for grain. With bases including rice, quinoa, barley and millet there are few cuisines these bowls don't cover. Add a Mexican twist to make a burrito bowl, go east with rice and spice or keep it Greek with feta and quinoa.


Premium greek restaurant Blu Kouzina created 'VIOS', a virtual brand serving grain bowls. Such was the demand for the healthy snack, they've seen their orders more than double!


From Hawaii to the world, via Instagram. Whether it's the fresh flavours or captivating colours, people can't get enough of this taste of island life. Poke (pronounced poh-kay) consists of diced raw fish and vegetables over rice. Looking at how easy they are to make, perhaps it's no surprise that these bowls are popping up everywhere! All you need is a rice cooker and the rest of the ingredients are fresh.


Top performing Thai brand Chilli Banana created the virtual brand 'Poke Blu', to take advantage of the growing trend and appeal to a new set of customers.

Veggie and vegan alternatives

Whether you're looking for a luxurious lasagne or a bleeding burger, no meat alternatives are available for almost anything. Whilst there's nothing new about a few meat free options on a menu, we're seeing an increasing number of restaurants offering whole menus dedicated to the veggie and vegan. You too can make the most of the trend and cater for a new audience by creating a virtual brand on Deliveroo that's meat free.


Oowee diner created 'Oowee Vegan' a virtual brand that cooks up plant based takes on diner favourites. Their signature: 'The Sneaky Clucker'.


Gone are the days of salads sitting in plastic boxes on supermarket shelves. Customers demand only the freshest of food and salads are no exception. Existing as a side on most menus already, salads can be turned into a concept of their own by building a range of options around the three essential components: greens, protein and dressing. Plus, give customers the ability to build their own by creating a menu with a range of base options and modifiers to create their perfect salad.


Italian restaurant EataliO crafted a range of salads from their high quality Italian produce to create 'Salad HauS'. For those that can't decide they give the option to 'create your own' salad from scratch.

How can you get involved?

If you'd like us to help you create a new virtual brand, let us know you're interested by emailing virtualbrands@deliveroo.com.au 

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