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Could a virtual brand work for your business?

Could a virtual brand work for your business?

Diversify your offering and reach new customers through virtual brands

We aim to foster innovation across the food sector – developing fresh, exciting concepts to offer customers the choice they want and to help you increase conversion.

Virtual brands are our latest innovation that make your resources go further. Creating a virtual brand means using your existing kitchen, equipment and supplies to provide customers with another occasion or cuisine online, but under new branding.

This gives you an opportunity to:

  • Develop new ideas and new concepts under a new brand name with lower risks and costs
  • Reduce food wastage in your kitchen
  • Test new dishes and styles before adding them to your established brand menu

Burger Joys - A Virtual Brand Case Study

Three years after its launch on the platform, Burger Joys; famous in Hong Kong for its delicious beef patties, decided to test a new market through a Deliveroo virtual brand.

Combining the popularity of their Buffalo Wings side dish, with a growing demand for wings in the area, we worked with the team to launch 'Wingman' - a virtual brand dedicated entirely to offering a tasty selection of wings infused with local flavours.

Since its launch in July, Wingman has become a huge success with orders actually exceeding those of the original brand for the month of August!

Burger Joys and Wingman now operate entirely as separate brands, but both come from the same kitchen to feed their hungry customers.


How can you get involved?

If you'd like us to help you create a new virtual brand, register your interest by emailing .

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