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Behold good people of Melbourne – for here are the burgers to benchmark against all others.  If you're tired of the overhyped, disappointing burgers born out of the brioche bun craze – don't give up. Huxtaburger, like a jazzy jumper on a gloomy day, is here to save you.

The holy burger grail

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Less is more for this simple burger bar. They focus on using high-quality ingredients that keep you not just wanting more, but ravenous for another taste. The menu is short and snappy, with just the right amount of variation.

In fact, these burgers are some of the most popular in Melbourne. And the secret? The produce is top-notch. The juicy beef patties are made from grass-fed wagyu beef. The crunchy pickles are made in house, as is the sweet pickled beetroot and mayo. The only thing imported here is that classic bright yellow American mustard, straight from the USA.

Burger champions

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You can't knock the confidence of Daniel Wilson, Dante Ruaine and Jeff Wong – the brains behind the burgers. They proudly claim, 'we own taste', and after trying these burgers it's hard to argue. These savvy young business chefs have worked their fingers to the bone to own their proclamation. Though they claim to be all about a new way of life, we're happy to stick to our current digs but of course, with added burgers.

It's no surprise, then, that the boys behind Huxtaburger estimate they sell a whopping 7,000 of their creations each week. And with five restaurants around Melbourne, they're always nearby.

Must-tries on the menu

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All hail the Cheesus – a succulent beef patty, topped with double cheese, cheesy mayo, sauces and pickles. There's even the super cute Baby Cheesus for smaller appetites.

The Theo is the chunkiest burger of the bunch, topped with bacon and smooth BBQ sauce. Pair with panko crumbed Onion Rings and a thick homemade mint chocolate shake for a super chilled evening. But if you're feeling a bit more grown up, swap that shake for a cold one – get craft lager brought to your door alongside your sandwich.

Vegetarian folks can get in on the action too, with plenty of choice to suit everyone. But if you're after something sweeter, then you can't go wrong with an Ice-cream Burger. Vanilla ice cream is coated in Huxtacrunch and a sauce of your choice – what could be better?

Try Huxtaburger, the only burgers worth having in Melbourne. Now delivered to your door with Deliveroo. We may ask for ID upon delivery of alcohol. Always drink responsibly.

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