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Industry Insights from Royal Stacks, Melbourne

Industry Insights from Royal Stacks, Melbourne

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In our Industry Insights series, we speak to restaurants across Australia to get a sneak peek into their operations and their tips for running a successful takeaway business through Deliveroo.

Meet Royal Stacks, whose mouthwatering American-style burgers and distinctive brand has made them a firm favourite among Deliveroo customers in their hometown of Melbourne since they joined the platform in 2016. We caught up with owner Dani Zeini and executive chef Terri Tep just before Melbourne entered its second COVID-19 lockdown in July this year.

Dani decided to join Deliveroo to extend the reach of Royal Stacks' community of aficionados beyond their CBD and Brunswick restaurants. "For me, Deliveroo was an opportunity to experiment with the type of food we make, and it's another way we as a brand can express ourselves and reach new customers", he says.

Driving customer satisfaction

The Royal Stacks team is committed to delivering high quality food to their customers, whether they will be enjoying their meal in-restaurant or in the comfort of their own home, and a key component of this is ensuring orders are ready on time.

We spoke to Terri about the behind-the-scenes processes that ensure their customers get the best possible experience when they order through Deliveroo...

Preparing orders for the time on the docket

"When an order comes through the Deliveroo tablet, it goes into our POS system and straight into our kitchen", Terri tells us. "Deliveroo's algorithm learns from our behaviour, so we prepare food for the time on the docket."

The fact that Royal Stacks prepare the order as soon as they receive it is crucial to ensuring a great customer outcome. As Terri explains, "If we don't follow the time on the docket, the algorithm actually begins to learn the wrong behaviour, and that affects the wait time for the customer. The reason why the timing is so crucial for us is purely to provide that high level of customer service and ensure our customers get the hottest, freshest food".

We call this the 'virtuous cycle' - preparing orders for the time on the docket is a small step in the process that can lead to significantly better results for restaurants on the Deliveroo platform:


Double checking easily-missed items

Small items like a drink or dessert are easily missed off an order - it happens to the best of us! But in Royal Stacks' experience, there are a few tricks to help prevent these small errors. "A drink can easily be missed, so if there's a drink on the order, we highlight it on the docket", Terri says.

When the order has been packed by the kitchen, it's over to the front of house staff. "The front of house staff will double check the order against the docket, and if there are any drinks we pack them into the bag at that stage. We then staple the bag closed before we hand it over to the rider".

The processes of preparing the order as soon as it comes in and highlighting easily missed items on the docket may sound small, but they have a big impact for Royal Stacks' customers.

"These processes help us ensure that orders are ready on time, which allows us to build trust with riders, and the end result is obviously a great customer experience", Terri says.


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