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  2. Using ‘Busy mode’ to manage orders when you’re busy
Using ‘Busy Mode’ to manage orders when your busy

Using ‘Busy mode’ to manage orders when you’re busy

It can be tricky in the kitchen to prepare orders when they're piling up, like on a busy Saturday night. That's why we've built a new 'Busy mode' switch for when you need more time before collection.. Just tap it to tell us how long you want before a rider should arrive for any new orders.

If you tell us 30 minutes, we'll try to give you at least 30 minutes before a rider arrives. If the order is really big or our riders are really busy, it might be longer.

This switch will replace the Quiet, Moderate and Busy buttons and you'll find it in the top left corner of your tablet, just above your list of orders.The menu is now positioned on the top right corner.

Remember, using 'Busy mode' might move you down the restaurant list on the app so be sure to tap the switch again once you're back to normal. Please let anyone who uses the Deliveroo tablet know about this change.

We hope this new feature really helps you, your team and your business. For any questions, feel free to contact your Account Manager.

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