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Jack Ruby

Classic American-style cuisine is closer than you think. You don't have to fly halfway round the world to get it either – just go to Jack Ruby and try the brilliant Patriot Burger or Mac 'n' Cheese Balls for yourself. The new joint on the block fuses Australia and America to bring you great flavours. No bells and whistles, just straight-up excellent food.

Food for your soul

The burgers and subs top the menu. Pork belly, soft shelled crab, smoked brisket, pulled pork and beef are at its heart, with generous toppings and garnishes of blue cheese, guacamole, chipotle aioli, jalapeño salsa verde and more. Pair your main with chunky fries, crunchy slaw or onion rings for the complete American experience. Our favourite is the Flavour Flav – sriracha and maple flavour a crispy fried chicken fillet, topped with homemade slaw.

If you're looking for a treat with family and friends, pick the plentiful Yoder Meat Feast – pulled pork, brisket, chipotle ribs, buffalo wings, scorched corn and slaw. Or, of course, there's tacos. And everyone knows tacos are the best messy sharers.

American atmosphere and charm

From the nostalgia of 60s diners to the heartiness of Southern cuisine, there's a certain homey charm about American food that we can't resist. As soon as you step into Jack Ruby, the smell of fries and hickory-smoked meat greets you with open arms.

Jack Ruby is brainchild of Aaron Sandow, chef Sam Worrall-Thompson and Gareth Lewis. All three of them are bursting with passion and experience, which is why their food is a cut above the cliché American eateries – and tastes just as good outside of their hip basement bar.

For when you're not feeling like a feast

For people seeking something lighter, the roast pumpkin salad is a great choice – finished with goats curd, seeds, asparagus and chili. Or, how about the zucchini balls? Smokey eggplant, couscous, parmesan and chilli are rolled together for a fabulous kick of flavour.

The small plates are a welcome break from the indulgent choices too. And if you're stuck for what to choose, then why not try the trio of sliders – three mini dishes of sriracha chicken, cheeseburger and pulled pork brings together gourmet and good old-fashioned comfort food.

If you want the unmissable taste of America for yourself, order Jack Ruby from Deliveroo.

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