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Jamie’s Italian

Jamie’s Italian

If you aren't familiar with Jamie's Italian, you're missing out on some of the best Italian food in Australia. The menu is driven by authenticity, rooted in what you'd find on dinner tables all over Italy. Whether you're craving a few bits of antipasti alongside your glass of wine or in need of a full-on feast, Jamie's Italian is the place for you.

Traditional favourites, the way they were intended

Jamie's know how to start a meal off on the right foot. You can't go far wrong with a helping of the Ultimate Garlic Bread, drizzled with creamy garlic butter. A full on Italian, classic Bruschetta also hits the spot every time. Of course, it's filled with Jamie's trademark creativity – a lemony zucchini punch, with toasted hazelnuts, basil pesto and a light sprinkling of vegetarian parmesan.

Or, if you're looking to try a new dish, we recommend the Arancini Margherita – crunchy breadcrumbs give way to a soft risotto filling that oozes with cheese – kind of like a big Italian version of a Scotch Egg.

For all of you food traditionalists – Jamie's got you covered. ­­­­Gennaro's Rigatoni Bolognese is a must if you're in need of some comfort food – tender beef and pork are slow cooked with red wine, and topped with creamy parmesan and crunchy pangrattato.

The chef behind the chef

Jamie Oliver opened his first restaurant in Oxford, England in 2008 with the help of his mentor, Gennaro Contaldo. Since then, people eager for a taste of the celebrity chef's finest dishes have jumped at the chance to dine at one of his restaurants. There are now almost 60 locations across the globe and recently Jamie's Italian has landed here in Australia. Lucky for us.

Jamie loves the idea that Italian recipes have never lost their traditions. Even so, he gives his dishes a creative twist to keep things fresh.

Unusual takes on Italian classics

Vegetarians can get in on the fun with our favourite, the Rigatoni Arrabbiata – Jamie fires the traditional version with garlic sauce, aromatic basil, veggie pecorino and juicy tomatoes. He also adds in some Scotch bonnets for an extra zingy – and extra memorable – kick.

Perhaps you prefer a familiar taste from nearby regions? If so, you may decide to go for the Aussie game ragú rigatoni – slow cooked venison and wild boar, soaked in red wine and topped with juicy Italian tomatoes and crispy breadcrumbs.

What? You still have room? If you're craving a dessert to fill the gap, Jamie's Italian provides a few selections you'd be mad to miss out on. You're bound to drool over Jamie's speciality organic yoghurt panna cotta - consisting of blackcurrant and limoncello, spiced crumble and topped with a pinch of tangy lemon zest. Tiramisu lovers will also delight in Jamie's indulgent vin santo classic – with rich chocolate shavings and a kick of orange zest.

Craving an authentic taste of Italy? Check out Jamie's Italian here on Deliveroo.

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