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Just Steak It

It only opened up in 2015, but already the American-inspired Just Steak It is a key player in the Aussie foodie scene. Its juicy wagyu beef burgers and sumptuous steak sangas have had Brisbane foodies queuing round the block for more. And now's the ideal time to find out what all the fuss is about.  

Heaven for meat-lovers

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A go-to for carnivores, Just Steak It have a menu packed full of goodies to fulfil your meaty dreams. We think you can't beat their Boss burger – a 150g tantalising wagyu beef patty served in a brioche bun with melted cheese, streaky bacon, sautéed onions, aioli and ketchup. Also worthy of some spotlight is the American sandwich; a succulent rib fillet on toasted ciabatta, topped with melted cheese, onions, rocket leaves and mustard mayo that just hits the spot every time.

Those seeking food inspiration from outside their star-spangled favourites also have all sorts to choose from. The Middle Eastern – a rib fillet wrap enveloping onions, hummus, red cabbage, salad and tahini sauce – gives you a taste of faraway shores. We love their Greek-inspired Lamb Yiros – classic lamb yiros served with tzatziki, chips and salad for a dose of Mediterranean sun.

How it all started

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Following a successful run as a street food stall at Eat Street Markets – with visitors raving about his juicy steak sangas drenched in cheese and pan-fried onions – founder Lior Erlich decided to take the plunge and open a permanent restaurant in Brisbane.

In October 2015, he opened the first Just Steak It and never looked back. Fast-forward a few months and two more joints popped up – in Hamilton and further south in Helenvale. And while it's speedily expanding, Lior hasn't forgotten what made the restaurant a success in the first place: the food.

All about the meat

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At Just Steak it, they don't just use any old cut of meat. Only the juiciest steak – the ribeye – makes it onto dinner plates here. In their trademark sandwiches and burgers, you'll find prime wagyu beef from a specific Japanese breed of cow that's genetically predisposed to intense marbling. So the resulting cuts create melt-in-the-mouth patties.

You'll find out just how meltingly tender and drool-worthy the wagyu beef is if you go for the Roadhouse, which packs in red cabbage, aioli, and smoky BBQ as well as melted cheese, streaky bacon and fried onions for a great gob-stopper.

And while the belt-busting burgers and steak sandwiches take centre stage, they're supported by a cast of sumptuous sides. Why not add crispy beer-battered chips or sweet potato fries and onion rings for balance, or tip the scales – and loosen your belt – and opt for Just Steak It's signature Dirty Fries – chips topped with bacon, cheese and onion.

Get your meat fix today, and check out Just Steak It's menu here on Deliveroo.

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