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Lazerpig Pizza Parlour

Lazerpig Pizza Parlour

A passion for good food, music, people and the party. With a motto as strong as that, it's no wonder why Lazerpig Pizza Parlour's quirky hand-crafted pizzas are so popular.

Sporting exciting and innovative toppings, the pizzas here promise a different experience. This little piggy didn't go to market, but instead spent time creating some awesome pizzas.

Weird and wonderful

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As you would expect, pizza is the name of the game here. Fun dish names are matched with equally interesting ingredients, like the whimsical Lazerpig To The Rescue. Here a béchamel base serves as the pillow for succulent pork belly, met with a combination of sweet and spicy with BBQ onions and sauce with chilli and basil, and a zingy dry cider reduction.

There are however a few options available to those who want to try something else – you'll find all these alternatives in the hilariously named 'Not Pizza' section of the menu. Though you don't get a load of options, Lazerpig focus on what they do and they do it well. Choose from a classic Vegan Lasagne or – our favourite – the Penne Pasta. Little tubes of pasta are drenched in a rich and slow-cooked lamb shoulder ragú and served with their signature sourdough bread.

The good news doesn't stop there – they also have a special cheeseburger on offer. The patty is made from luxurious wagyu beef, and is topped with cheese, crunchy cos lettuce, onion and pickle.

Pig tales

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The story behind Lazerpig Pizza Parlour's fabulous pizzas all comes down to the dough. A unique, homemade sourdough culture is the basis of all their creations, which is left to prove for at least 72 hours.

But it doesn't stop at the prep. For that extra genuine feeling the dough is hand-stretched and cooked in a hand-made wood fired oven at a scorching 400 degrees. The crust is the real deal here so there's no place for you crust-leavers out there at this quirky joint.

Pizza perfection

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In typical Lazerpig fashion, many of the pizzas on the menu are inventive twists on Italian classics. The mysteriously named Ronny J substitutes the traditional tomato passata for one made from peperonata, a red sauce rustled up from sweet bell peppers. It's then topped with pork sausage with a hint of piquant fennel, stringy fior di latte cheese and roasted jalapeños. As a final flourish some local raw Hurstbridge honey is drizzled on top, alongside shavings of salty parmesan.

With a hint of Hawaiian influence, the Tropical Melbourne pizza simply sings of summer and good times. A garlicky base is topped with sweet round slices of grilled caramelised pineapple along with soothing floral notes from rosemary and thyme. Melted on top is a generous helping of smoked scamorza, a punchy Italian soft cheese. The centrepiece of the pizza is lovely pink ham straight off the bone, sliced into delicate layers and bundled prettily like a nest in the middle.

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