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A true melting pot of cuisine and culture, Mamasan is not to be missed. Bringing together influences from across Asia, these guys offer up some truly awesome eats. And now with two locations in Sydney, they're spreading the love.

A bit of a bohemian paradise, this spot is already a firm favourite amongst locals. And it's head chef Gemma that brings this place to life – born in a small Taiwanese fishing village, growing up in Japan and then moving over here to Australia, Gemma has completely redefined the meaning of fusion. And boy are we a fan.

The Aussie love of Asia

As Mamasan's philosophy points out, Australia is young enough to be able to draw upon other cultures for its favourite cuisines. And let's face it, none is more treasured over here than Asian food.

Knowing this all too well, Mamasan relish the chance to give us the utmost in perfect Asian cuisine. From Japanese gyoza and sashimi to Mongolian and Korean delicacies, this place is the definition of choice. Seriously, we'd allow half an hour to pore over the menu alone.

Where it all began

Mamasan started in Bondi beach, where its eclectic vibe helped grow a dedicated following. And five years later the chain spread its wings and opened up a second location in Surry Hills. With a restaurant that boasts a 4 metre Japanese maple tree at its heart – no, really – you can't get more unique than this.

The vibe here is that of Japanese tranquility crossed with a bit of whimsy, and it's this clash of cultures that makes it such a welcome addition to the city. And you can taste this in every mouthful.

Mamasan's menu

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We've said it before, but we'll say it again. This is one big menu. Asian tapas, Yaki BBQ grill, salads and sushi all grace us with their presence here – and you can even finish off with an Asian inspired dessert.

We love their Fish on Fire – and not just because of it's awesome name. Here you'll find a sweet miso-marinated salmon fillet that's delicately cooked between two sheets of cedar wood paper and served upon glowing embers. Dramatic? Yes, but a bit of theatre never hurt anyone, especially when it tastes this good.

Mamasan also promise great things with their One Bite Beef. Prime fillet steak is trimmed, seasoned generously with soy and pepper before being cooked Teppanyaki style to seal in all that mouth-watering flavour. Sliced into bite sized pieces you'll be challenged not to demand seconds.

We can't talk about Mamasam without a mention of their sashimi. You've got to try their signature Mamasan Carpaccio – where thin slices of white fish sashimi are met with flakes of pork crackling and drizzled with truffle oil. But if we had to pick a favourite, it's the Tuna Tataki every time. Here you'll get lightly seared tuna combined with chilli, coriander and yuzu for a flavour medley that'll have you coming back again and again.

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