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Meat and Wine Co.

Meat and Wine Co.

Meat and wine, the diet of kings! So the Meat and Wine Co. is the royal choice for your Deliveroo ordering needs. Don't worry, there is more on the menu than just meat with a host of vegetarian options. Let's tuck in, shall we?

Meet the Meat

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Sure, we could talk about how great the entrees are first, but the star of the show here is the meat, so let's just take a moment to appreciate the beautiful beef, perfect pork and wonderful Wagyu.

First up, the steak. Mhmm, we know that's all you want from a restaurant with meat in its name, and the Meat and Wine Co. doesn't disappoint. Their 'From the Paddock' section on the menu is dedicated to beef sourced exclusively for their customers. Oh, they do spoil us. Choose from grass-fed, grain-fed, Shorthorn and Wagyu meats, all served with chips and salad. Why not add a sauce to accompany your premium meat feast? There are ten to choose from, including a beautiful red wine jus.

Rate Our Ribs

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And rate them highly, because with beef, pork, lamb, and the option to combine a rack of ribs with a fillet steak, we really don't see how you can rate any way else. Drizzle one of the ten sauces (or more!) on them (the barbeque relish is particularly good) for a truly sumptuous meal of the highest quality.

If you're more about the burgers, try the premium beef burger on for size; 280g pasture-fed primal beef patty, aged vintage cheddar, tomato, lettuce, Spanish onion, caramelized onion jam and truffle aioli, all served with chips and pickle on the side. Mind = blown.

Plenty of Platters

Rib platters with three different kinds of meat are one thing, but a crustacean platter is a whole different kettle (or plate) of fish. Lobster, Moreton bay bugs, king crab legs, oysters, prawns, crunchy chips, house salad and a selection of seafood sauces make up this wonderful selection. This is serious foodie indulgence. You can also opt for a tasting plate of the best entrees including Szechuan calamari, pork belly, bruschetta and Karubi. There's a board of 4 from the charcuterie serving up biltongs, wagyu bresaola, salami, pastrami and grilled flatbread for another excellent option. Of course, if you take all the small plates of biltong poppers, Wagyu tartare and prawn cocktail (this one comes with a quinoa crisp and roasted pepper cream) then you have a platter of your own making. And there's just no reason not to be eating all this fine food.

Just Desserts

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If you're still not full up after your epic meat feast, why not try a selection from the range of delicious cakes, pies, and savory cheese options. The Meat and Wine Co. has chocolate and hazelnut fondant on offer, or the humble apple pie made classy with apple pastry, apple toffee cream, sour apple gel and smoked maple syrup. Amoretto frangipane is also up for the taking, and comes with magical-sounding cherry crisps.

What are you waiting for? Get your order in and keep your stomach happy with a Meat and Wine Co. delivery from Deliveroo!

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