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N2 Extreme Gelato

N2 Extreme Gelato: Ice cream unlike any other

N2's gelato is unlike any you will have tasted before. Forget synthetic vanilla from the tub, these inspired concoctions represent a truly unforgettable ice cream experience. So, get ready, here comes gelato like none you've ever had before.

In pursuit of perfection

Their name says it all: N2 is the chemical formula for the liquid nitrogen that the ice cream masters or "gelartists" use to give their extreme gelato creations an exceptionally smooth texture. Clearly, Heston Blumenthal isn't the only culinary innovator willing to mix cooking with chemistry in order to deliver something truly and uniquely delicious. It's clear from just one visit that every N2 gelartist is passionate about discovering new, bold and exciting flavour combinations so that their customers will experience something special every time they visit.

Each gelato and sorbet is made to order – this isn't just a quick 'scoop n' serve' routine. Each one is bespoke and your choices range much wider than just cup or cone: have your ice cream drizzled liberally with chocolate fudge sauce, dusted with coconut shavings, crammed with crushed cookies - you can choose from dozens of different toppings and styles. This is your ice cream, served exactly how you like it.

Inspiration comes easily at N2 too, since they change their flavours on a weekly basis, pushing the envelope to create such audacious delights as coffee creme brulee, honey kalamansi sorbet and even matcha and yuzu gelato. No matter your tastes, N2's constant flavour experimentation will all but guarantee that they will have just the thing that will suit your palette and hit that sweet spot when you crave something truly decadent.

The science behind each scoop

Why use liquid nitrogen to make gelato? The secret is based on chemistry: once added, the liquid nitrogen instantly freezes the gelato or sorbet solution at -196°C, which means that the water present doesn't have time to form the large ice crystals often found in ice cream made using traditional methods. Ultimately, this gives the mixture a much smoother texture that just glides across your tongue.

Not only that, this process allows the gelato to be served at -6°C – a warmer temperature than traditional ice cream which lets your tastebuds experience N2's subtle flavours better (why didn't we learn icecream science at school?), without your dessert becoming a runny, sticky mess!

Sharing the sweetness

Not content with delighting Australia, last year N2 made their first overseas venture and set up a store in Paris – a city which knows a thing or two about indulgence. Thanks to their world-renowned restaurant scene and France's sophisticated cooking heritage, many Parisians are not easily impressed when it comes to trying new culinary approaches. However, N2 certainly have the attitude necessary to make Paris sit up and take notice, as this proud proclamation from their site proves:

"From thick fudge to gloriously glazed doughnuts, to setting our gelatos alight and dunking them into rich molten chocolate, we elevate our gelatos so they stand out from the crowd. We are indulgent and we make no apologies for it."

Fortunately, no apologies are necessary! Keep your eye on N2's future ice cream conquests to see if they are bringing their own brand of ice cream innovation to a location near you.

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