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Ribs & Burgers

Ribs & Burgers

Their name is to the point, and proud of it. The Aussie-owned phenomenon Ribs & Burgers cooks up what you want most when your carnivorous cravings take hold. With 13 locations across Australia alone, the popular chain goes big and beefy on flavour with a range of classic and signature dishes designed to please the heartiest of appetites.

Ribs, burgers and beyond

Obviously, ribs and the burgers are the stars of the show here. For the juiciest rib action around, choose from a lengthy list featuring lamb, beef, pork baby back, St Louis style pork, and more.

Burger options are equally mouth-watering, and even more plentiful. The menu runs the gamut from basics like Old School Cheese – made with grass-feed beef, American cheese, onions, mustard and pickles topped off with barbecue sauce and aioli – to more extravagant numbers like The Apple Lamb Burger. This has a tender lamb patty, slices of green apple, sharp rocket, onion and blue cheese mayonnaise – but there's many more burgers up for grabs, too. We're surprised anyone ever manages to pick just one.

Winning combination

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Ribs & Burgers moved to the top of the local food chain quickly by wowing meat lovers with awesome food made from carefully selected produce. Ribs are slow-cooked for over eight hours, while burgers are handmade using grass-fed, hormone-free beef or free-range chicken – and served on organic buns.

With a focus on real food made from real ingredients, Ribs & Burgers has built a loyal following of repeat customers impressed by delicious and efficient kitchen craft.  And they're good guys, too – sourcing food from local farmers, and sponsoring community groups to make sure that money goes back into supporting Australian workers.

Have fun with your food

As terrific as the eponymous ribs and burgers are, the restaurant's supporting acts shouldn't be overlooked either. R&B's chicken wings – BBQ, chilli or smoky served with ranch sauce – are some of the most in-demand items on the menu. Fried chicken, 'famous' chips, crispy onion rings, gorgeous homemade dips, extra-thick shakes, and even a healthy assortment of salads make sure that no one finishes an R&B meal unstuffed.

A fun and easy way to experience the great taste of Ribs & Burgers with your mates is to go for one of their Deliveroo Packages. You need to pre-order if you're feeding a crowd, but it's an excellent way to get everything you want brought to your door – beef patties, crunchy chicken burgers, crispy chips and even some short ribs when you're ordering a feast. Be it dinner for two or for 20, these package are a smart choice for laid-back dining with good friends.

Get to the meat of the matter and quell your hunger pangs with a Ribs & Burgers order – brought to your door by Deliveroo.

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