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Sparrow Eating House

Sparrow Eating House

The idea behind Sparrow Eating House is a simple one – food is best served shared. And it's this principle that's led to their success turning fresh, local produce into Australian-style small plates.

Located in Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast, they've led the way on Australian tapas since they opened their doors in January 2015. They've become famous for their creativity with simple ingredients, their theatrical desserts, innovative dishes, and – more importantly – sharing the love.

Food should be social

Even glancing at their menu will show you just how passionate these guys are about their sharing philosophy. You'll only be able to order sharing and larger plates here – creating an experience for the whole table. And that experience will be a global one. Dishes have culinary influences that stretch across the world for an unforgettable flavour fusion.

And with the whole sharing thing they've got going on here, you can try loads of different flavour combinations. Will you go for the spiced calamari with paprika lime salt, while your bud opts for the crispy tempura eggplant with a smoky sesame mayo? There's always the homemade gnocchi, with forest mushrooms and hazelnuts too if your other friends are feeling left out of the fun.

Best served shared

When owner and visionary restaurateur Andrew Whiting came up with the idea for Sparrow Eating House, he had one core concept in mind – that all food is best enjoyed shared with the ones you love. He was determined to create a place where food was an event – something that was interactive, fun and a way of bringing people together.

Whether it's relaxing at the end of a hard day with friends, or a Saturday night treat, Sparrow Eating House prides itself on offering groups a feast – a place where the food will be as good as the memories. So they take the quality of the local ingredients almost as seriously as the whole sharing thing. You'll only find the freshest, seasonal, regionally sourced goodies hitting plates here.

Too hot to handle

With so many cultural twists on offer, it's not difficult to see what makes Sparrow Eating House stand out from the string of restaurants here on the Gold Coast. If you're finding their menu tough to choose from, why not go for one of their most popular dishes, the chilli tequila prawns?

You'll be thrown into a Mexican heatwave of spice with this dish, as the freshly caught prawns are left to marinate in a punchy tequila and chilli concoction. Then they're delicately fried and served with a light avocado mousse, and lime and chilli dressing for extra oomph.

Or go a bit Caribbean with the sensational Jerk Lamb Rump. Served up with traditional ingredients including farro, pine nuts and artichokes, your taste buds will be left dancing with this complex but subtle array of spices – and don't worry, there's a not-so-traditional sweet blueberry jus in there to cool you down too.  

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