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Italian food is the world's greatest expat and a true gift to the world at large. Italian food can connect strangers like nothing else, the unifying force that is love of pizza can surpass the greatest of adversity. Where would we be without Italian food? So, in the great land of Oz, we're very glad that Italian grub has made the journey of many miles and set up shop here. And we're even gladder that Vapiano is making sure that it's being done right.

Buongiorno, mate        

Operating on the foodie philosophy of "a little Italian, a lot Australian", Vapiano serves up a winning fusion that we're very ready to tuck into. Turns out that Italian food made with the finest Australian produce, especially if like Vapiano you source that produce from 150 kilometres of the restaurant, results in some pretty fantastic stuff. So, forget all those poncey promises of parmesan imported from Parma, or burrata from Bari – the stuff from Brisbane is fresher, and hasn't been sitting on a plane. Bonus.

Anti-pretentious antipasti

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Vapiano is about one thing:  taste (well, and quality, and satisfaction, but mostly taste.) Good taste. So, for lovers of good food without the faff, Vapiano is where you should turn to. Or ask one of our riders to turn to for you, and then get it to your door.

Start with the Bruschetta - sure we all know this is just a pretty word for tomatoes on toast, but then we're not all graced with the magical Italian touch that makes a few cubed tomatoes and a slice of bread into something this delicious, are we?

Then we have the antipasti. Ah antipasti, that most challenging of things: a collection of tasty treats that you know is made for sharing, that you know you should share, and which you know very well you will inhale within seconds without a thought for your dining company. Just call it a public service, after all, the meats, cheeses, olives and bread on this antipasti are all from your local producers, and you have to do your bit for the community, right?                                  

On a health kick? No worries, Vapiano has got their insalata goin' on. Insalata Mista is a fresh leaf salad with cherry tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, red onion, zucchini, spring onions, capsicum and parmesan. Yummo.

Pasta, glorious pasta

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If you thought pasta was all about Bolognese, think again (not that Vapiano doesn't make a mean Bolognese). Colourful ratatouille, cream pollo e spinachi – chicken and baby spinach in a cream sauce – and pumpkin ravioli are just some of the delights on offer. Broaden your pasta horizons and dive in. Or stick with the classics made really, really good with lasagne al forno. There's risotto on offer too – risotto gamberi with prawns and sun-dried tomato would be our choice. And if you're a gluten-free sort of foodie, let them know, they'll swap your eggy pasta for gluten-free gnocchi, om nom.


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An Italian restaurant just isn't an Italian restaurant without a fine selection of pizza pies on offer. How indulgent do you want your pizza to be? Because Truffle oil pizza is a legitimate option, with Aussie smoked ham, mushrooms, mozzarella, parmesan and rocket. Or keep things simple with the classic margherita. Or divide your dining companions with the good ol' Hawaiian.  Or forget about class or company and just worry about satisfying those meat cravings in as greedy a way as possible – con carne has ham, pepperoni, salami, barbecue sauce and mozzarella to cure your cravings.

Sweet treats

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Just in case you weren't sure where the Australian comes in with Italian food this good, the dessert options include Tim Tam Smash. Which is all you really need to know. Well, that and the Nutella cheesecake. Maybe the homemade tiramisu. Also, panna cotta.

A bit Aussie, a bit Italian, a whole load of delicious, order from Vapiano today with Deliveroo!

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