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Yum Shanghai Dumplings

Yum Shanghai Dumplings

Specialising in bringing authentic Chinese goodies to the people of Melbourne, the chefs at Yum Shanghai Dumpling know a thing or two about dim sum. Their soft dumplings, crispy wontons and fresh stir-frys are huge hits here, and their popularity doesn't seem to be dropping off any time soon.

So whether you want to order a Chinese banquet for yourself and a few pals tonight, or you fancy a few of the best snacks brought to your front door – pronto, Yum Shanghai Dumplings is the place for you.

Dumpling dilemma

As you can probably imagine from their name, these guys have become synonymous with authentic, flavour-packed dumplings. And it's no surprise that these bundles top the menu as some of the most popular dishes here. We love the sweet, succulent Boiled Peking Pork Dumpling, and the delicate flavours of their chicken and prawn dumplings.

And the good news doesn't stop there – in a unique twist you can even order these tasty, handmade dumpling morsels in their frozen form. They sell a variety of fillings in this way so that, as part of your takeaway order, you can store some in the freezer for your next midnight snack. This place is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Perfect for all the family

Ever since Yum Shanghai Dumplings opened, they've whipped up dish after dish in order to come up with a super diverse menu, so everyone can get in on the fun here. You'll always find something to suit that fussy eater, making this the go-to place if you and your friends always debate over where to eat.

We'd recommend ordering several of their dumpling and wonton options alongside some of their stand out dishes. For example, while their Ginger & Shredded Pork on Rice is sure to satisfy the fire-eaters in your party, the subtle flavours of their sizzling Fried Noodle with Seafood is perfect for milder taste buds.

A guide to dim sum

If you're ordering from Yum Shanghai Dumpling, chances are you'll want to try a few of their most famous dishes, but if you've never tried dim sum before, what should you pick? We love to kick things off with their Pan-Fried Pork Dumplings, served up with a sweet sauce that'll take the edge off the heat. But for a true taste of China, opt for the softer dumplings. We think this type of texture is best served as part of a hearty broth, which is why we love their range of wonton soups – a must-try for chilli-lovers is their pork dumpling served in a hot chilli oil soup version.

They've also got loads of great vegetarian options here, so no one gets left out of the dumpling fun. Snack on some Spring Onion Pancakes or Japanese Style Seaweed, dim sum it up with some Boiled Vegetarian Dumplings, and finish things off with a Vegetarian Stir Fried Sliced Rice Cake for a really authentic feast.

Discover Yum Shanghai Dumplings authentic eats – check out their menu here on Deliveroo.

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