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Deliveroo Service Guarantee Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions ("Rules") that apply to the Deliveroo Service Guarantee ("Offer"). By claiming the Offer, each Claimant agrees to these Rules and confirms they have read and understood the Deliveroo Privacy Notice at https://deliveroo.com.au/privacy.

  1. Promoter: Deliveroo Australia Pty Ltd (trading as Deliveroo), a company incorporated and registered in Australia  with ABN 73 607 915 640 and registered office address at Level 2, 161 Collins St Melbourne VIC Australia  ("Deliveroo").
  1. Offer Period: This offer begins on 31 March 2020 and ends on 24 April 2020 unless withdrawn or extended without notice at the Promoter's sole discretion.
  1. Eligibility:  To participate in the Offer, Claimants must, during the Offer Period:
  1. be a resident of Australia and at least 18 years old at the time of claim; and
  2. have internet access and a Deliveroo account; and
  3. Place an order in Australia with a Participating Restaurant on the Deliveroo platform.

Deliveroo reserves the right at any time to require proof of eligibility in such form as Deliveroo reasonably considers necessary.

  1. Offer: If the Qualifying Order of a Participating Restaurant arrives more than ten minutes after the Original Delivery Window (calculated from the latest displayed delivery time), the Claimant is eligible to receive a unique voucher code for $5 credit ("Credit").

Original Delivery Window: On the final screen before submitting an order, the Deliveroo platform will display the delivery timeframe - a window of time within which the order is expected to be delivered to the Claimant. This is the Original Delivery Window.

Although the displayed delivery window may vary during the course of selecting, submitting and awaiting the order to be delivered, the Claimant will be entitled to the Offer if the delivery occurs at least 10 minutes after the Original Delivery Window.

Participating Restaurant: A restaurant on the Deliveroo platform is a Participating Restaurant if it is tagged with the 'Service Guarantee' icon and clearly states that it is participating in the Service Guarantee Offer on the date of placing the order.

  1. How to claim: To claim the Offer, Claimants must:
  1. Log into the Claimant's Deliveroo account on www.deliveroo.com.au or the Deliveroo app, place a Qualifying Order. A "Qualifying Order" means a paid-for and delivered Deliveroo order placed with one of the participating restaurants displaying the "Service Guarantee" tag which, at the time of ordering, was not scheduled by the Claimant for later delivery (i.e. is an order for "ASAP" delivery). Deliveroo orders scheduled for later delivery are not Qualifying Orders. There is no minimum spend required. However, small order fees may apply.
  2. If the delivery time of the Qualifying Order arrives more than ten minutes  after the order's Original Delivery Window, Claimants will receive an email within 72 hours which contains a Credit on a future Deliveroo order. Claimants must then log into their Deliveroo account, click 'Account Credit' and then enter the unique code contained in the email.
  3. This code will expire within 14 days of receiving the confirmation email and code, whether or not Claimants have applied the Credit to their account.
  4. Deliveroo is not responsible for any failure for the Credit to be received due to incorrect email details provided, email restrictions, not opting in to receive marketing or communications or otherwise.
  1. Exclusions: The following are excluded:
  1. The Offer is not available for pick up orders.
  2. The Offer is not available if a restaurant does not accept the order. For the avoidance of doubt, an order is only accepted by a restaurant when the status of the order is updated to reflect the restaurant's acceptance, not at the time of placing the order.
  1. Credit conditions: The following conditions apply to the Credit:
  1. The Credit is non-transferable, non-refundable, non-exchangeable and no cash alternative is available.
  1. The Credit cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  1. The unique code in the email which activates the Credit must be added to a user's account within 14 days of the email code being sent or the code and the Offer will expire.
  1. Once applied to the Claimant's account:
  1. The Credit will automatically be applied to the Claimant's next order; and
  2. Once applied to the account, the Credit must be used within 14 days, or it will expire.
  1. The Credit is subject to Deliveroo's Voucher Terms and Conditions.
  1. Process to claim Credit: 
  1. An email will be sent to the Claimant's registered email address within 72 hours of becoming entitled to the Credit. In order to activate the Credit, the Claimant must follow the prompts in the email, including adding the unique code to their account.
  1. The Credit will be credited to the Claimant's Deliveroo account within three (3) working days upon actioning the activation requirements in the email.
  1. Liability: Deliveroo will not be liable for: (i) any loss that is not caused by Deliveroo (or any person acting on Deliveroo's behalf); (ii) any loss caused by any event or circumstance beyond Deliveroo's reasonable control; (iii) any loss of profits or revenue, loss of anticipated savings or loss of goodwill; or (iv) any unavailability of the Deliveroo website or app. However, nothing in these Rules limits or excludes any person's liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence, for fraud or for any matter for which it would be illegal to limit or exclude liability. In particular, consumers have legal rights in relation to products that are faulty or not as described and services which are not performed with reasonable care and skill and these legal rights are in addition to and are not affected in any way by anything contained in these Rules. Further advice about consumer rights is available from any local Citizens' Advice Bureau (https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/) or local Trading Standards office (https://www.gov.uk/find-local-trading-standards-office).] 
  1. Interference with the Offer: Any attempt to deliberately damage or undermine the content or legitimate operation of this Offer is prohibited and may be a violation of criminal and/or civil laws and in these circumstances Deliveroo reserves all its rights and remedies. In any such circumstances, including a deliberate attempt on your part to delay meeting the rider so that you can receive your order at the location you specified in your order,  you will be disqualified from receiving the Offer.
  1. Cancellation and variation: Deliveroo reserves the right to vary, suspend or cancel the Offer and/or these Rules if it considers it necessary or appropriate to do so, including if there is any actual or anticipated breach of applicable law or if variation, suspension or cancellation is necessary due to an event outside Deliveroo's reasonable control. In the event of cancellation, the Credit may be awarded to claims received prior to cancellation. Instances where Deliveroo may revoke this offer include terrorist attacks, Natural Incidents, Immediate Safety, Weather (Heavy Snow, Hurricane, Storms, Light Snow, Ice), Protests and Strikes, Evacuations (Restaurants, Shopping Centres, etc.).
  1. Disqualification: Without limiting the options available to Deliveroo, Deliveroo reserves the right at any time to disqualify claims or Claimants (including the winner) that Deliveroo regards as being in breach of these Rules, any applicable laws, any terms and conditions referred to in these Rules or the spirit of the Offer.
  1. Accessing these Rules: Any website on which these Rules are posted is only intended to be accessed from Australia and where permitted by law. Deliveroo makes no representation that materials relating to this Offer are appropriate or available for use at other locations. Access to them from territories where their contents are illegal is strictly prohibited.
  1. Severance and waiver: If any part of these Rules is or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the rest of these Rules will not be affected. Deliveroo's failure to enforce any term of these Rules will not constitute a waiver of that provision.
  1. Disputes: If there is a dispute about the Offer or these Rules, Deliveroo's decisions are final. If there is a dispute between these Rules and any other document referred to in these Rules, these Rules take precedence to the extent necessary to resolve the conflict.
  1. Law and jurisdiction: The Offer and these Rules are governed by the laws of Australia. Any disputes arising in connection with them shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Australia.
  1. Personal data: Claimants acknowledge that any personal data of Claimants processed in connection with this Offer will be processed in accordance with the Deliveroo Privacy Notice at https://deliveroo.com.au/privacy. In particular:
  1. If a Claimant is not signed up to receive marketing communications from Deliveroo, the Claimant may be excluded from receiving the credit or otherwise unable to participate in the Offer.
  1. Deliveroo will process, and permit the processing of, Claimants' personal data for the purposes described in these Rules and Deliveroo's Privacy Notice, which purposes include the administration of the Offer.
  1. It is necessary for Deliveroo to use Claimants' personal data to perform its obligations to Claimants in relation to the administration of the Offer or it is in Deliveroo's legitimate interest to use Claimants' personal data in the ways described in these Rules in order to ensure the proper administration of the Offer.
  1. Deliveroo may share Claimants' personal data with certain Deliveroo vendors in order to assist with the administration of the Offer.  
  1. Deliveroo will retain Claimants' personal data for as long as it is required for the purposes described in these Rules and Deliveroo's Privacy Notice.
  1. Contact: Enquiries about this Offer can be sent to Deliveroo at:  
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